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Water may be the universal solvent,

But Love is the universal solution!


This site contains products and plans that will intrigue, inspire and simplify your life!


I am a mechanical engineer who has been designing respiratory and critical care equipment most of my life. But about 4 years ago I got an sudden inspirations while sitting in church to create this puzzle that would serve to illustrate a central spiritual truth; that we are not saved by our works but through grace. That inspiration, and the CrossPuzzle that resulted from it, has turned into a ministry for me. I've been distributing them all over the world. 


But along the way, I have also created a number of other practical, inspirational and sometimes beautiful products. I decided to put this site together to attempt to share some of them with others. So the pages of this site allow for some of that dissemination. But hopefully, it will also create some creative impulses along the way. So I would welcome the chance to serve, interact or learn from you. Call me or email me.

Souderton, PA 18964

The creative cycle is always moving onward

I'll post some new items below as they come on stream! Check back! This Wix web-hosting appears to allow for additions in a fairly simple fashion. 

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The Tranquility Swing.

This swing is my own unique creation. My mom wanted me to make her a porch swing but was concerned that it would wear the paint off the porch floor from the action of all the little feet. As I pondered the problem during a church service one morning, this idea popped into my head! Build it into a Tranquility Nook in your back yard and have an ideal place to meditate and escape the stress of the COVID-19 virus!