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Inspired to Create

I have always liked to find ways to bring together the physical, the spiritual and the practical. With a mechanical engineering background, a SolidWorks CAD system, a home woodshop and a love to listen to audiobooks with my ear phones on, I find that I have been successful at hatching a number of ideas along the way that have combined these. So I put them onto a website where others can access them and be intrigued, inspired or otherwise motivated by what they see.

My CrossPuzzle products are being sold and distributed around the world. It has been a source of satisfaction to see how others have made use of it to further their ministries. It has truly opened up a culture of creativity as everyone who picks it up seems to find some new way of making use of it. Since I have found a wonderful company in Shenyang, China to partner with, my goal of making the Pocket CrossPuzzles inexpensive enough for organizations to give away has come within reach. And it continues to be translated into more and more languages for markets in Africa and Central America as well.

I'm always looking for ways to simplify things and that is the thrust of a lot of my designs. I will run into a problem around the house that needs a solution or my friends will come asking for help with something. So that is usually the time that I break out my CAD system and draw up a 3D model of whatever the solution might be. And having the CAD system paired with a well equiped woodshop allows for transfer of the design to reality.

The other nice thing with a highend CAD system is the possibility of providing complete design drawings and model plans to interested persons. So if you see something that I have already made and would like to make something like it, send me an email and we can works something out.

And on the inspirational side of things; I have had some rather remarkable experience over the past two years that I have had the privilege of speaking about in many different forums. The CrossPuzzle turns out to be an easy thing to build an inspirational talk around. I would be glad to consider opportunities to speak at your group gathering at some time.

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